Spring, An Excellent Time to Detoxify

Beet Smoothie

Spring is an excellent time to begin a detoxification program.

Many of us get less exercise and sunshine, breathe more indoor air, and even put on a few pounds during the cold winter months. A gentle cleanse will reboot the body, provide additional energy and support the body’s natural detoxification pathways that can become overburdened simply from living in our modern world. Detoxification doesn’t need to be difficult! Whip up this Berry and Beet Detox Smoothie a few mornings a week to kick-start gentle detoxification.

The beets and kale in this smoothie support detoxification of the liver and provide anti-inflammatory benefits. The darkly coloured fruits and vegetables provide the body with a huge dose of antioxidants. Avocado is anti-inflammatory. Avocado is also rich in healthy fats that lubricate the walls of the intestine to facilitate the elimination of toxins from the body via healthy bowel movements.

Check out my Berry and Beet Detox Smoothie Recipe!

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