Apple Picking Adventure

Every year, since Sam and I first met, I have wanted to take him apple picking! He had never been to an orchard and I hadn’t gone since I was 13.

Apple picking at 13
Apple picking at 13

As a child I loved the excitement of arriving at the orchard, learning how to properly pick an apple, the smell of sweet fruit ripening on the trees and of course, enjoying the fruits of my labour until I was so full of apples that eating my lunch was out of the question!!

But…life gets busy, and in our five years together this was the first fall that we finally went to an orchard to pick our own apples!

Wouldn’t you know that the day  we had planned for our “big apple adventure” turned out to be rainy and grey? We decided not to let this stop us! We packed our two year old, our camera and our rain coats into the car and made the 50 minute drive to Mountain Apple Orchard, not far from Ottawa, Ontario.

Once we arrived we were so happy that even the rain couldn’t dampen our spirits! Although it was pouring, there were a lot of people, many with small children in tow like us, lining up to get on the wagon that would drive us the short distance to the Macintosh apple trees.

At first Tristan was unsure of the tractor and wagon, but once we were moving he kept shouting “tractor!” and “adventure!” and we knew he was having a great time!

Tristan and I find a ladder

When we arrived at the trees we decided to go big and selected a 20 pound bag to fill with apples! We chose a ladder and got to it – eating and picking between short but intense bursts of rain.

Tristan thoroughly enjoying his time in the orchard
Two-fisted apple eating!
Two-fisted apple eating!

There were smiles all around until it came time to leave. Tristan was having so much fun he didn’t want to go. The promise of a freshly made apple cider doughnut lured him back to the entrance and then into the car where he promptly ate his little treat and fell into a deep sleep with cinnamon and sugar all over his sweet little face!

cinnamon apple face
Cinnamon apple face

20 pounds of apples is a lot! But we love apples and  have nearly finished the bag. From apple crisp and baked apples to sliced apples and cinnamon, this has been a delicious two weeks!

And apples are not just delicious – they are also extremely good for you! An apple a day truly does keep the doctor away! Apples are loaded with soluble fibre called pectin (4 grams per medium sized apple) and vitamin C! Eating an apple a day will support healthy bowel movements and strengthen immunity as we move into cold and flu season.

Because apples are low in calories and high in fibre, they keep you feeling full and satisfied, especially if you eat them with a serving of healthy fat and protein! For this reason, eating an apple a day can support gentle and effective weight loss.

Apples are also good for cardiovascular health! The colourful skin on an apple is chalk full of powerful antioxidants that inhibit oxidation and inflammation of the arteries. Additionally, soluble fibre helps lower blood cholesterol levels.

Apple pectin also supports healthy digestion and elimination. Fibre keeps waste moving through the colon and supports the health of the liver and colon by continuously detoxifying the body.

These are just a few of the health benefits you will be rewarded with by enjoying a daily dose of this delicious fruit. Whether or not you eat apples because they are good for you, or because they are delicious, keep it up! And apples are in season so there is no better time to enjoy them!

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